Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone join Groop ?

A: Groop accepts members who are actively working in the trade, planning to do so in the very near future, or who have retired from the trade, and wish to contribute to our information exchange. Groop does not encourage, do it yourself folks working on their own projects.

Q: How much does it cost to join ?

A: Please refer to our application form for current information.

Q: If I join do I have to write emails for GroopMail ?

A: Members are encouraged to write, but not required, some who “lurk” are loyal members who have done so for years, and only on a rare occasion send in a contribution.

Q: Will someone edit my contributions?

A: We are a “moderated” exchange, and all submissions are reviewed by our Moderator, for both content and appropriateness. We do not allow “flaming” messages, salty language, or messages totally unrelated to the work. Our Moderator will correct spelling errors and incomplete sentences, and always works with contributors to make sure their messages do get in to GroopMail.

Q: If I join can I advertise my business?

A: Yes and no !   Groop is fortunate to have some long time “Vendor Members” who are suppliers to the trade, and are represented in our “Sponsored Links” area. They participate as regular members, and in the course of a discussion thread, ,they may recommend on of the products that they make or sell, as it pertains to the thread, but we do not allow straight commercial advertising.

Members are also encouraged to post their business and website info on our DIRECTORY, which is viewed by countless individuals who search for refinishing on the web.

Q: What if I can’t find a restoration shop in my area ?

A:   Groop has members in all parts of the US, and our members may be able to refer potential clients to other Groop members who have the necessary skills, or recommend another professional who can provide the needed service.

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