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Our members often ask if we have an archive of past email they can go to and search past discussions.

The answer is we do have an archive of past mail but unfortunately in the present we don’t have the means to make an archive of GroopMail available in a secure way for member access only.

Groop old-timers know that Groop has had a couple of different email archiving systems since our inception and up until 2008 we used a program that automatically archived all GroopMail and you could access it online with a user and password. It was a beautiful thing when it worked.

Sadly, the custom software we used to provide this benefit was very buggy and complicated. Eventually there were problems we could not resolve and we were forced to abandon the software and look elsewhere for a solution. We settled on using Google Groups, which worked reasonably well and provided an archiving system (though not a very good one).  Over time and continuous updating by Google which added layers of complication to our process we were forced to move away from Google Groups.

We are now using Google Mail, aka Gmail to process all GroopMail. It is still a Google product- but a different application that has greatly simplified our mail processing and distribution. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a means using our Gmail account to create a secure online archive of past mail that members can search.

While having an accessible mail archive would be a great benefit- and we continue looking at new possibilities to accomplish it- the reality is- There is a long list of subjects we discuss in GroopMail today that have been discussed many times over in past years. Yes- some information shared may be a repeat of past discussion- BUT- we also know that new information and perspectives often come to light on subjects that are seemingly basic and repetitive at first glance.

Certainly any current member can create their own archive of Groopmail as they receive it. I personally use Outlook and have my own searchable archive of Groopmail going back to 2003. I make folders for each year’s mail and its always there if I need it.

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